Product Description

At our company we are highly dedicated in selling high quality real life sex doll. We have built and maintained a close relationship with our suppliers so as to get that best high quality lifelike sex doll to satisfy our customers. With our increasing experience, we are dedicated in giving our customers the best sex dolls and at pocket friendly prices. The services we offer are fast and very reliable. We have a line of good and open customer care team, who offer quality services which are quick and fast. This is due to the fast growing customer list. We treat all our customers equally.

We are also up to date, as new inventions of real life sex doll are brought to the market. This is to give our customers a satisfying experience. We have different varieties of real life sex doll to make our customers experience new sex life. Our lifelike sex dolls have that feeling of realness you are looking for, and we owe this all to our manufacturers and suppliers. We are passionate of our company and this makes us to have the need to always give the best customer experience. The experience we are holding have made us reach new heights and also balance and set beat prices. We value our customers because of their loyalty and dedication to us.

Isla is real life sex doll and you may not even want a real girlfriend. The authentic eyes and skin make guys want to hug them forever. They are simply so irresistible that you would want to introduce them to your friends.


  • Skin material: TPE
  • Internal structure: metal skeleton
  • Bust/waist/hip: 97cm*61cm*88cm
  • Weight: 38kg
  • Height: 158cm (5’2″)
  • Opening: vagina, anal, oral
  • Vagina depth: 17cm
  • anal depths: 16cm
  • Oral depth: 13cm
  • Feet length: 21.5cm

lifelike sex doll