When you decide to get a lifelike sex doll you need to know that it will be among the costliest sex toys you will ever have if not the costliest. Therefore you need to get it right. By choosing the right doll, you will not only be getting value for your money but you can be sure that you will have a great sex life. So, what is the perfect lifelike sex doll?

The first attribute is that this doll needs to have the physical attributes of a real woman. It should weigh, look and be as tall as a real person. This makes it a practical sex partner that is no different from a real female. The skin should be made from a material that has a human feel (preferably silicone).the texture should not be the same all over the body but should vary just like a person’s body. For instance, the breasts and thigh should be softer than the back. It should be flexible and able to bend accordingly. This will ensure that you can enjoy whatever sex style it is that you enjoy.

The canals in a real lifelike sex doll should be made in such a way that they resemble that of a real person. The vaginal canal in female sex dolls should have folds crafted to be exactly like those of a real woman. A good doll is one that is crafted using 3-dimensional viewing technology so that each canal is designed to be exactly how it should. These canals will be among the most useful parts of the doll’s body so spend a considerable amount of time looking into their attributes.

Good looks are a big plus. Just like you would want to have a beautiful woman as a companion, the doll you choose should be beautiful. It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so do not send someone to buy you a lifelike sex doll. Choose the one whose face and figure you love the most. Some dolls come with several heads that can be put on and off the doll’s body. These are a good choice.