A lifelike sex doll is a sex toy that has been designed well just like a real woman and also feels like the real individual too.

This sex doll is used by very many men due to the fact that it gives them the real sexual experience just like they are with a human partner in bed and not a doll.

  1. Unlimited sex

A real human being can easily get tired or say no to have sex but a lifelike sex doll does not tire or give out any excuses to getting intimate. Any individual who has it will be able to have sex anytime he has the urge to until he is satisfied. A lifelike sex doll will never get tired getting intimate.

  1. It can help one improve their sexual skills

A lifelike sex doll is very flexible and human like. This means that one who has the sex doll will be able to try various styles and positions which in a way will help them explore new things and be able to perfect and also sharpen their skills in bed.

  1. You can select from various choices

With a lifelike sex doll, one can be able to settle for the sex doll that looks the very way that they want. They choose the complexion, hair color and even body size of the doll that they like best.

  1. No risk for infections

The lifelike sex doll will be used by the owner only; this means that there will be no risk at all of getting any infections and or diseases from it.

  1. Easy to maintain

The only maintenance that this lifelike sex doll needs is to be cleaned regularly which is affordable.

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lifelike sex dollThere are very many ways that one can follow on how to care lifelike sex doll so that it stays durable and beneficial for a very long time. This article will cover some of the basic maintenance tips that one can follow to care for their lifelike sex doll.

Bath the Doll

The first basic thing is to bath your lifelike sex doll every time after you have had sex with it. You need to go about this by making use of a mild antibacterial soap since this will ensure that no bacteria develops on the lifelike sex doll as it would be unhealthy if that does happen. The most important thing is to not submerge or throw the doll under water and after you have carefully washed the doll, you will need to wipe it dry with a clean towel. You may add some renewal powder on the doll after it has dried up so that its skin remains soft.

Clean the Sex Doll’s vaginal area and mouth too.

Most men at times have oral sex with the lifelike doll thus the main reason why its mouth needs to be washed in addition to its vaginal area. Use of an antibacterial soap will ensure that no germs or bacteria develop in the lifelike sex doll’s parts.

Maintaining the Lifelike sex doll’s Wig/Hair

The lifelike sex dolls are made and accessorized with various wigs of different textures and materials. Some of these wigs are synthetic while others are human hairs. When cleaning, you need to use very mild shampoo for the wig and accompany it with mild conditioner too. After this, allow the wig to drain water and dry on its own without other heat products such as blow dry machines. When dry, comb the hair from down moving up until it’s straightened. When cleaning the lifelike sex doll’s wig, do so when it’s separated from the removable head as it is much easier that way.


This sex doll is used by very many men due to the fact that it gives them the real sexual experience just like they are with a human partner in bed and not a doll.

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